Saturday, 27 February 2010

Trans-Tasman Clash in CentrePort Wellington International Youth Match Racing Championship Final

Close racing at the CentrePort Match Racing 2010. Image copyright RPNYC.

by Matt Chan

Light southerlies on day 3 meant racing took place around the corner in Evans Bay. Another fantastic day in Wellington and perfect conditions for match racing!

Day 3 seemed to start where day 2 finished with a minor gear incident. After the first race of the day there was a minor delay as a halyards untwisted on boat 2, raising the question “How do you fix a halyard on a E6?”.

You walk up the mast... after first capsizing the little keeler, RPYNC skipper Matt Steven untangled the halyards on his boats, apparently by walking on water!

Crunch time quickly approached and just before 1pm RPNYC skippers Tim Coltman and Josh Porebski were vying for a spot in the semi finals. Coltman prevailed shortly after by winning his last 2 matches and finished second after both rounds. By this stage Matt Steven had already sewn up first place.

The other two semi finalists were Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron skipper Jordan Reece and Cruising Yacht Club of Australia skipper Will Mackenzie.

In a strange twist Matt Stevens selected fellow Wellingtonian Tim Coltman for his semi-final opponent. Doing so ensured there will be a Wellingtonian in either 1st or second and 3rd or 4th and ensured an eventual Australia - New Zealand final!

In the first semi final Matt Steven won the first match but the Wellington derby between Steven and Coltman wasn’t over. The second match was a tight race with both boats over the line at the start. There was never more than 2 boat lengths difference and the lead changed hands more than five times with Coltman ultimately leveling the series.

In the first match of the Australian series Mackenzie drew first blood and in the second match Reece sailed a tight race from start to finish to comfortably beat Mackenzie.

It was winner takes all in both semis!

The first finalist after a tight pre-start but establishing a solid cover off the startline was Steven and crew who sailed a strong conservative final match to beat fellow RPNYC skipper Tim Coltman.

The prestart in the battle of the aussies was a vigorous affair. Both boats hitting the line at pace but unfortunately Reece was early. Mackenzie beat Reece by a considerable distance after his start line indiscretion.

Cruising Yacht Club of Australia Skipper Will Mackenzie makes it to the final in a trans Tasman clash with RPNYC skipper Matt Steven setting the stage for a great final day tomorrow!


Place Skipper RR2w-l TotalPts
1 Steven RPNYC 7-0 11
2 Coltman RPNYC 4-3 9
3 Mackenzie CYCA 4-3 9
4 Reece RSYS 3-4 9
5 Porebski RPNYC 4-3 7
6 Waterhouse RPAYC 4-3 5
7 Pooley RNZYS 2-5 4
8 Dawson RNZYS 0-7 1

Steven 2 - Coltman 1
Mackenzie 2 - Reece 1

Royal Port Nicholson Yacht Club

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