Monday, 22 February 2010

The National Bank International Youth Match Racing Championships: Josh Junior Wins Again!

Round Robin Two & Finals

Josh Junior and crew (RPNYC) retained their National Bank International Youth Match Racing Championships title in Auckland. Image copyright RNZYS.

by Barry Davies

Josh Junior and his team from the Royal Port Nicholson Yacht Club of Matt Steven and Chris Jones have successfully defended their title and won the 2010 National Bank International Youth Match Racing Championships in style. Junior and his formidable crew didn't lose a single race in the Double Round Robin series and only one race to second placed William Tiller in the finals this afternoon.

In the finals series Josh Junior won the first race by 41 seconds but Tiller and his crew representing the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron won the next by 12 seconds to keep the series alive. But the results ended exactly the same at last year with Junior winning the final race by 43 seconds and the overall win.

In the petit-final third overall from the round robins Jordan Reece representing the Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron held onto his position beating Josh Porebski 2 race to nil.

The Race Committee did an amazing job in the very light and variable conditions which the Waitemata Harbour produced over the last four days.

The Race Officer, Gerald Flynn was “very relieved and started to relax” after the final flights of Round Robin two were completed this morning. Then it was a case of “hurry up and wait” as no further races were started until 4pm when the reduced finals series began.


RR2 - Flight Nine
Junior beat Reece
Hazard beat Tailby
Tiller beat Mackenzie
Porebski beat Lancaster
Austin beat Morvan
Bye Banks

Flight Ten
Junior beat Mackenzie
Tiller beat Reece
Banks beat Morvan
Hazard beat Lancaster
Porebski beat Tailby
Bye Austin

Flight Eleven
Reece beat Mackenzie
Junior beat Tiller
Tailby beat Lancaster
Banks beat Austin
Porebski beat Hazard
Bye Morvan

Petit Finals
Reece beat Porebski by 1m01s
Reece beat Porebski by 20s

Junior beat Tiller by 41s
Tiller beat Junior by 12s
Junior beat Tiller by 43s

Final Results
1st - Josh Junior RPNYC
2nd - William Tiller RNZYS
3rd - Jordan Reece RSYS
4th - Josh Porebski RPNYC
5th - Stephanie Hazard RNZYS
6th - Will Mackenzie CYCA
7th - Codie Banks RNZYS
8th - Dillon Lancaster KHYC
9th - Reece Tailby RPAYC
10th - Peter Austin RHKYC
11th - Guenael Morvan CNC

Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron

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