Wednesday, 29 April 2009

VOR: ERICSSON 4 LEG SIX DAY 15 QFB: received 25.04.09 1720 GMT

by Horacio Carabelli (trimmer)

And my right hand arm is getting bigger and bigger! We have started using the hand watermaker and the only way Nipper (Guy Salter) will allow you to have a coffee is if you pump your own water into the kettle! In addition to each of us pumping for half an hour a day, at least, into the main water tank.

The unit is quite good and I believe very productive. Now that I'm familiar with it I can give you some numbers. You need to make 180 pumps to get your own coffee. And if you need coffee to keep going that will be quite exhausting and if you offer to make coffee for your watch mates, this will take you 25 min or 3 full 10 litre buckets of pumping to fill the kettle with enough fluid to satisfy everyone.

Otherwise the last nights have been chilly, like in China but fortunately with clear sky. We came to a full stop during the night (big wind hole) and this lasted around 4 hours, managing to make a mere 3nm in one sched!! Ericsson 3 managed to get the best of it and we had visual contact with them this morning. Fortunately we have some wind now and we are moving towards the first whale sanctuary mark.

Otherwise all good on board with the normal nerves and tense atmosphere being in such a changeable weather system. Looking forward to get into Boston!!

Volvo Ocean Race

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