Wednesday, 29 April 2009

VOR: TELEFÓNICA BLUE LEG SIX DAY 11 QFB: received 21.04.09 1525 GMT

by Simon Fisher (helmsman)

Despite being fully prepared for some compression in the fleet, the last 24 hours have been pretty tough on us. Each sched has been anxiously awaited, with fingers crossed hoping that we have stopped losing miles. However, it has taken quite some time for the haemorrhaging to stop, and although our last sched was not so bad, we are still not fully confident that it is over! In the last day we have seen our lead taken down from 100 to only 30 miles which has made everyone on board a little anxious to say the least!

The good news is that the wind is filling in again though and we are seeing our boat speeds improving so we are almost certainly through the worst of it now. With little power over the Wind Gods, we are doing what we can though, working hard and making sure the boat is at peak performance all the time. Having a pack of boats quite literally breathing down your neck does wonders for the motivation and all on board are giving it their all! Hopefully soon we will start to see some rewards again!

Volvo Ocean Race

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