Tuesday, 28 April 2009

VOR: GREEN DRAGON LEG SIX DAY 11 QFB: received 21.04.09 0834 GMT

by Ian Walker (skipper)

One thing we cannot complain about on this leg is any lack of fast angle sailing towards the mark. The trade winds are about as reliable as any wind in sailing and they are enabling us to average well over 400 miles a day in the right direction.

Sadly it makes for tactically very boring sailing as you can only really play with some subtle angle changes or sail selections, but it is very pleasant and fast.

Right now it is all about horsepower and maintaining a high level of trim and steering. The longest time anybody drives for is two hours, but more often than that we rotate after an hour. It is not physically draining in these conditions, but requires lots of concentration which can be difficult when tired.

Sadly, we are still bringing up the rear of the fleet and we desperately need something to change in the weather to give us some opportunities. There does look like change ahead as we need to first cross the remnants of a high pressure ridge and then cross the cold front to head towards Newport. I just hope we are close enough to capitalise on any mistakes made by those ahead.

Boston promises to be a fantastic stopover for the Green Dragon with probably more people with Irish links in Boston's surrounding area than in most of Ireland. It will be a good warm up for the reception we hope to get in Galway.

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