Tuesday, 28 April 2009

VOR: TELEFÓNICA BLUE LEG SIX DAY 10 QFB: received 20.04.09 2248 GMT

by Simon Fisher (helmsman)

It has been another pleasant day on board Telefónica Blue, although from here on in it would seem that we are not getting it all our own way.

We are still going well but with lighter winds than our rivals in the chasing pack. The bungee cord is starting to take up and they are coming racing up behind us! Many of the scheds today have yielded losses, but with less pressure there is little we can do but sit tight and wait for the wind to fill in again as we make our way round the area of light wind which is slowing us.

Despite the losses though, moral is still good, we have been braced for this for some time although we will no doubt be much happier when the light winds are behind us and we are safely on our way again.

The lighter winds however have provided us with a chance to give the boat a quick once over - it is all in good shape but it is always wise to check these things. Pepe Ribes has been up the rig to check that everything is in order skyward and even I have had a scamper round downstairs with my multimeter checking a few electronics things!

Although quite unrelated, probably the most alarming bit of damage that has been discovered today is that the toilet seacock is getting a little on the fragile side! This make going to the toilet downstairs a little nerve wracking, you never know if is going to block or break leaving you with a big mess to clear up! Maybe al fresco is the way forward from here!!

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