Wednesday, 29 April 2009

VOR: TELEFÓNICA BLUE LEG SIX DAY 15 QFB: received 25.04.09 1131 GMT

by Bouwe Bekking (skipper)

It has been a tough 24 hours, bashing upwind in sometimes squalls with more than 35 knots, with a very unpleasant sea state. The temperatures are dropping quickly; the sea temperature is now only 12 degrees.

I still like the following slogan for venues: no palm trees, no racing, but I am sure Boston will become one of the highlights of the race and that we all will love it.

The breeze has dropped rapidly, from one minute having 18 knots to the next having a mere 3-4 knots. So the big code zero up again, and we are rocking and rolling in the left over sea state, where have seen that before in this leg?

So another re–start is going to happen, both Ericsson boats are roughly 20 miles ahead, and Puma 10 behind, but they are still sailing in the old breeze, and they might actual sail around us on the outside. The guys are all in great shape, no injuries, which is can always easily happen when sailing upwind in rough conditions.
If the breeze kicks in, than we are in for a late arrival on Sunday afternoon.

Volvo Ocean Race

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