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Rund Um Bodensee (Lake Constance) - Central European Lake Racing

Start of the Rund Um 2010 with more than 400 boats and 2,000 sailors. Image copyright Juerg Kaufmann/

by Rund Um media, with translations and additional information by SailRaceWin

The Rund Um Bodensee is a race from the German yacht club Lindauer SC around Lake Constance (Bodensee) from Lindau. Over 400 entries were received for the event this year, with more than 2,000 sailors taking part.

The winners: Stefan Stäheli's Sonnenkönig crew. Image copyright Juerg Kaufmann/

The latest edition of the race started on Friday evening, 4th June 2010, and the first boat finished in 9 hours 20 minutes and 49 seconds at 04:50:49.

Out on the wire. Image copyright Juerg Kaufmann/

Night sailing in the Rund Um. Image copyright Juerg Kaufmann/

The winner was SUI 777 Sonnenkönig (Stefan Stäheli). In second place, the German entry of RS SOLAR (Ralph Schatz), finished at 05:06:58, with the Austrian double Olympic Tornado medallist Roman Hagara in third, sailing his Extreme 40, Red Bull, at 05:10:46.

Roman Hagara's Extreme 40 Red Bull finished third. Image copyright Juerg Kaufmann/

Another Austrian entry - Skinfit. Image copyright Juerg Kaufmann/

Prior to the Rund Um 2010:

On Friday morning: The weather has improved, the lake lies peacefully in the morning sun. In the Rhine valley, morning fog is dissipating. Snow-covered summits lie across on the Swiss side. ..... But the sun promises a hot day!

Sailing into the twilight. Image copyright Juerg Kaufmann/

On Friday afternoon: Large driftwood fields were flushed out into the lake last night. Massive tree trunks were sighted in a 2x1km area between Langenargen and Nonnenhorn. They will be over-flown by helicopter to report their position to competitors prior to the start of the race.

Sailing into the twilight. Image copyright Juerg Kaufmann/

A Swiss entrant... Image copyright Juerg Kaufmann/

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Rund Um 2010