Friday, 11 June 2010

WMRT: Long but Short Day in Korea for Waka Racing

by Garth Ellingham

A long day of waiting was on the cards when the fog was low and the breeze was nil. No sign of it going away left the postponement flag up until 3:30. Then it was time for battle.

Two races awaited us when we hit the water and our first opponent was French legend Bertrand Pace. Unfortunately we jumped the gun early and had to return. Four lengths behind off the line we had a fight on our hands to catch up. We got close but not close enough and lost by two lengths.

Race two was very eventful, racing Francesco Bruni of Italy, we put a lot of pressure on in the pre start, ending in a split tack start. We were heading towards the left and came back on a little shift. When we met we were advanced but not enough to cross. A tacking duel was inevitable and the team pulled through to get to the top first. We just held our lead downwind and were put under pressure up wind. We held our nerve and put a double penalty on him at the top mark when we laid down a trap for him. A good win and our first point on the board.

Waka Racing Video Report on Korea Match Cup 2010 Day 2

Great to have a point but we know exactly what we need to do tomorrow. We have six races in a row and look to do our best to get a spot in the quarter finals. Keep tuned as it could get exciting!

Waka Racing would like to thank our main sponsor Tax Management NZ and all the support we receive from the RNZYS, Frontend, Zhik , Wells and Co, PredictWind and Devine Consultants.

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