Friday, 26 August 2011

Class 40 : Heading to Palma - Update from Ross Field (NZL)

The Fields testing BSL. Supplied image.

by Nicky Moore

Ross and Campbell Field recently finished seventh in class in the 2011 Rolex Fastnet Race in their first competitive race onboard their Class40, BSL. Here Ross reflects on the race and talks about the duo's plans in the build up to the Global Ocean Race.

"A week after the finish of the 2011 Rolex Fastnet Race has given us a chance to reflect. For our first race on BSL we were very happy with our performance and it was certainly the first full test for the boat. Our aim was to finish in the top ten so to finish seventh and be in the lead on a number of occasions was great for us. It was really a test of boat speed, our sails and crew work. We would of course have been happier to come first but the boat has got huge potential so we’re extremely happy with it.

"The Rolex Fastnet was also a huge test for us in that it gave us the opportunity to compare ourselves to our competitors in the class, especially those who will be racing the Global Ocean Race starting in September . The Class40 is a really competitive class and I think we all finished within about 40 minutes of each other, which just shows how competitive it is. The Class40 that won has been sailing for about four or five years so we were very happy with our results.

"The boat was extremely comfortable to sail, and it was well set up. The only low point being the prospect of finishing in Plymouth and having to get back to Lymington before we were home!

"So, looking forward, we are leaving today for France as we are in touch with a boat builder who has built us two new rudders, so we’re planning on going over to get them fitted. Then to head on down to Palma. We haven’t got a huge amount of boat work to do in Palma, our time will be filled with promotional sailing for BSL, but the boat work is pretty much compete, delivery sails are on (racing sails ready for Palma) just the final touches to do. Campbell has done a fantastic job getting the boat set up and ready to go so now we are totally focussed on sailing, and extremely looking forward to it!"

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