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Vendée Globe : Ralf Tech Watch Charity Auction by François Gabart, Alessandro Di Benedetto and Tanguy de Lamotte

by Vendée Globe media

Official Timer of the 2012-2013 edition, RALF TECH had, before departure, offered to several skippers a WRX “A” Hybrid watch, specially made for the Vendée Globe. After their round-the-world single handed and without assistance yacht race, three of the Vendée Globe skippers have decided to put their watches up for auction to benefit a charity of their choice.

François Gabart, skipper of MACIF, has chosen to support Jeunesse en Plein Air (JPA). Every year in France, three million children are excluded from holidays. And yet, holidays are like school, all children should deserve it. In order to fight against this social inequality, JPA organizes each year the "United for the holiday entitlement" campaign. Conducted in schools, the campaign educates students to the values ​​of solidarity. It also helps to raise funds to help thousands of children to go in summer camps. In 2012, more than 17,000 children have received initial support through Jeunesse en Plein Air and its partners.
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Alessandro Di Benedetto, skipper of Team Plastique, has chosen Matelots de la Vie (Sailors of Life). Founded in 2005, the association proposes and organizes maritime adventures dedicated to hospitalized children. During the months of July and August, sixteen young "Sailors of Life" – who have faced a disease – will embark aboard a sailboat for a trip they will share with their friends remained in the hospital through a partnership with pediatric services throughout France.
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Tanguy de Lamotte, skipper of Initiatives-cœur, continues his partnership with Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque and Initiatives-cœur. With his world tour, Tanguy has already saved 20 sick children and the operation "1 click = 1 euro" was a great success. But the fight against childhood heart disease continues.
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So if you dream of wearing the RALF TECH watch of François Gabart, winner of the Vendée Globe 7th edition, Tanguy de Lamotte or Alessandro Di Benedetto while performing a good deed for charities, it's very simple. You have until June 24th, 2013 to make your bid!

How does it work?
- Go to
- Click on the "AUCTION" button or directly on
- Choose the skipper watch on which you want to bid
- Make your bid (one per day) while comparing the three best bids of the day
- Enter your details

- Auction organised from May 22nd until June 24th, 2013
- Every day, the best bids will be announced to allow you to bid higher.
- Only one bid per day and per person is allowed
- This auction is for adults only
- The best bid per watch will be announced on the last day of the auction

RALF TECH is a Franco-Swiss independent brand created in 1998 by its current owner, Frank HUYGHE.
Located in Paris and in Lajoux, in the Swiss Jura, RALF TECH is an exclusive brand offering a high quality collection with powerful design provided with innovative movements and recognized for their intrinsic qualities.

This collection has established its legitimacy in the brand history. Where from its signature “Partagez l’Expérience” (Share the Experience).

Completely dedicated to technical scuba diving in its early years of its existence, on 5 July 2005, RALF TECH has broken the diving World Record with an immersion lasting 10 hours at minus 330 metres. On that day, the diver was wearing the very first RALF TECH watch, the WR1®.

The record remains inviolate in such conditions and, to this day, no other watch has been as deep on the arm of an unassisted diver.

In 2008, the brand has definitively turned to horology.

The brand understanding of the challenges posed by deep diving and extreme environments allowed RALF TECH to become a favourite partner of the French Special Forces and in particular of the professional combat swimmers of the famous Commando Hubert of the French National Navy, equipped since 2010.

Today, elite Commando units of the French National Navy, the French National Gendarmerie Intervention Group and the VENDÉE GLOBE skippers, participate with our horologers in the development of our watches and their continuous improvement. At RALF TECH experience is everything.

One of RALF TECH watches peculiarities is to indicate real depth values, not theoretical, what the majority of other brands do. The "ISO 6425 Divers’ Watches" standard is not only respected but exceeded through extensive specifications and processes exclusive control.

RALF TECH is a human-sized company run by enthusiasts of fine watchmaking. Our mission is to create technically accomplished watches without marketing dictate and without any belonging spirit to a school of thought. Moreover RALF TECH is probably the only watch brand to voluntarily have no Marketing Department!

Finally, RALF TECH is not a brand for the greatest number. It is not available in department stores, watch chains, airports... However, you can discover it in real watchmakers’ stores, in some shops at the forefront of fashion, where being different is a Lifestyle.

Authenticity, innovation, experience and independence... Our values ​​are our strength.
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