Sunday, 24 April 2011

America's Cup: Competitor activity ramps-up on AC45s in Auckland

The AC45 catamarans are expected to test out the new America’s Cup racecourse at the pre-season test event in Auckland, Apr. 26-29. Image copyright Ivor Wilkins/

by Tim Jeffery

Beginning next week America’s Cup Race Management (ACRM) and America’s Cup Event Authority (ACEA) are staging a two-week dress rehearsal in Auckland of race management and onboard media systems as preparation of the first-ever regatta for 34th America’s Cup teams at the inaugural America’s Cup World Series event in Portugal in August.

The pre-season testing is open to all competitors with or without an AC45 and two sessions are scheduled, Apr. 26-29 and May 2-6. On Apr. 28 ACRM will host the next Competitor Forum.

The pre-season testing event also coincides with the next steps following the close of entries. Per the Protocol, competitors will submit a bond of US$200,000 by Apr. 30 with the final payment of US$800,000 due by Dec. 31. Additionally, the entry fee of US$100,000 is due by June 1

Competitors should also have a signed a purchase agreement for an AC45 catamaran. Timely orders are necessary as entered teams need to have their boats ready to compete in Cascais in August.

Core Builders Composites, Ltd., the manufacturer of the AC45, has increased the price of the catamaran to €695,000 (US$1 million). CBC is confident of meeting the surge in AC45 orders but it will require working double shifts to complete the number of yachts anticipated.

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