Thursday, 13 May 2010

Finn Europeans Day One

Situation normal – covers stay on

The covers stay on. Supplied image.

by Robert Deaves

It was situation normal at the Finn European Championship in Split, Croatia. For the fourth time in a row at a major Finn event this year, the first day has been lost with the fleet held on shore.

Once again the sailors whiled away the day sat on shore watching the weather, and finding ways to entertain themselves as the rain pattered down and later observing the stillness of the Adriatic as the ships arrived and departed. When the rain finally stopped the wind filled in, but within 30 minutes it had all but gone. Predictions were plentiful, but the result was always going to be the same. One day
down, no races counted.

No wind in the flags. Supplied image.

The 2010 Finn Europeans had attracted the largest ever entry. After measurement and registration was completed, 97 entries were recorded from 26 nations including 25 juniors, accounting for roughly a quarter of the fleet.

An encouraging number of sailors are new to the fleet with lots of new juniors here for the first time, some only 16 years old but already towering over many 25 year old sailors. In fact the average age of sailors here is just 28, with 40 per cent of the fleet under the age of 23.

Flat sea. Supplied image.

Three races are scheduled for Wednesday starting an hour earlier at 11.00. Everyone is hoping the weather will kinder tomorrow.

Finn Europeans 2010