Friday, 21 May 2010

WMRT: Mirsky Racing Team at Match Race Germany

by Kinley Fowler

The Mirsky Racing Team has arrived in Southern Germany for the second event of the 2010 World Match Racing Tour, Match Race Germany.

The team hit the water for the practice session trying to familiarise themselves with the local Bavaria 35 Match yachts that are provided by the organisers.

Video of Mirsky Racing Team's training day in Langenargen, Germany

"Its great to get back out on the water, we have had a break since Marseille where we had a pretty disappointing result at the season opener, so we are eager to get out there tomorrow morning"

"We are sailing on Lake Constance, which is known for its light wind so wind strategy will be crucial here" said bowman Graeme Spence who is fresh off the plane from Australia.

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