Saturday, 26 June 2010

Cowes Week: Artemis Investment Management on board for Cowes Week 2010

by Michelle Warner

Cowes Week Limited (CWL) is delighted to announce that Artemis Investment Management, one of the UK's leading investment companies with a strong association with Cowes Week over the years, has signed a major boat branding sponsorship package for Cowes Week 2010. The Artemis logo will appear on the bows of the Cowes Week competing boats, providing the company with significant brand exposure at the world’s best-known sailing regatta. This new deal is part of Artemis’ wider new commitment to British sailing that has just been announced, and the new source of investment in Cowes Week benefits everyone competing this year by ensuring that entry fees are maintained at 2009 levels.

Speaking about Artemis’ involvement with Cowes Week, CEO Mark Tyndall commented: “Artemis has been backing British sailing since 2006 and this new commitment to Cowes Week demonstrates Artemis’ desire to support British sailing from the grass roots upwards, including non-professionals and professionals in the sport. Cowes Week is a great regatta that brings together people who enjoy club-racing at the weekends with the pros who race for a living. The atmosphere both on and off the water is fantastic and Artemis has utilised the event for many years as part of its corporate hospitality programme, and this year is no exception.”

In a further commitment to Cowes Week 2010, Artemis will again be sponsoring the sensational Cowes Week Red Arrows display which has become a regular fixture at the event in recent years: “The Red Arrows display on the final Friday of Cowes Week has been one of the shore-side highlights in recent years, not only for the sailors but also the thousands of spectators who come to enjoy the atmosphere, and we didn’t want to see it disappear,” said Mark Tyndall. “We supported the Red Arrows last year and will do so again this year.”

Stuart Quarrie, CEO of CWL added: “Cowes Week has enjoyed a great working relationship with Artemis Investment Management in recent years and we are delighted that we have the opportunity to further this relationship for the ultimate benefit of Cowes Week sailors.”

Artemis will also, once again, be sponsoring the pro-celebrity “Artemis Challenge” during Cowes Week; the competing IMOCA 60 monohulls will race 50 miles around the Isle of Wight on Tuesday, 3rd August. The race, now in its fourth year and the only annual UK-based IMOCA race, will feature some of the biggest names on the offshore racing circuit who will be joined onboard by celebrities from the world of sport and television attracting wide media coverage as well as benefiting the charities of the competing boats.

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