Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Volvo Ocean Race : Building the Future - Spotlight on Sails

by Volvo Ocean Race media

Rick Deppe  is at the North Sails factory in Las Vegas, Nevada, where they're busy making the sails for the new Volvo Ocean 65. These sails have got to take some of the most advanced sailing machines ever built around the world at breakneck speed.

Built in Nevada and finalised in Vannes, France, the Volvo Ocean 65 sails will benefit from North Sail’s  advanced 3Di technology. General Manager Jeff Neri explains in detail how this 3D moulding technique gives the sails a flying shape.

And while he's there, Rick also gets to fulfill a lifelong ambition... check it out!

And for more informaiton about the sails, visit the dedicated new section HERE

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