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America's Cup: El Corte Inglés, Estrella Damm and Iberdrola join the 33rd America’s Cup

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by America's Cup media

Rita Barberá, Mayoress of Valencia and President of the Consorcio Valencia 2007, has officially opened the media centre for the 33rd America’s Cup at the Port America’s Cup and introduced the official sponsors for the event. El Corte Ingles, Estrella Damm, Iberdrola of Spain are joined by the Swiss company Hublot in a new example of collaboration with the Comunidad de Valencia, the City of Valencia and the sport of sailing.

The support that El Corte Ingles, Estrella Damm and Iberdrola now extends beyond the last America’s Cup, the 32nd edition of the world’s oldest sporting trophy, which was also held in Valencia.

The official presentation was attended by Rita Barberá, Pau Pérez Rico –regional communications and external relations director for El Corte Inglés–, Federico Segarra –external relations director for Estrella Damm–, Julián Bolinches –institutional delegate for Iberdrola at the Comunidad Valenciana– and Jorge Gisbert –director for Consorcio Valencia 2007–.

The mayoress of Valencia officially opened the Media Centre which will accommodate a very large contingent of international media, many of whom are now on site, already in action:

“With this act we effectively open the 33rd America’s Cup.” Said Barberá, “And with this event which has a huge importance for the city of Valencia, the first city in the world to host the America’s Cup and a F1 Grand Prix in the same year.”
“ I would like to invite all the Valencian people to come to the Port, to come to their America’s Cup, to enjoy it.”

In her first public ceremony from the 33rd America’s Cup venue, Rita Barberá thanked the support of the sponsors in what she considered a great example of the collaboration of Spanish business with Valencia and with the sport: “Sponsors are a crucial part of the 33rd America’s Cup. I would like to extend our thanks in the name of all Valencians to Hublot, El Corte Inglés, Estrella Damm, Iberdrola and all the other sponsors and supporters of this project.”

Pau Pérez Rico, from El Corte Inglés, commented:
"For El Corte Inglés it is very satisfying to share with Valencia, one more time, all the emotion and appeal of the top sailing competition, which represents all the values of effort, control of the elements and respect for the sea and the environment. It makes sense that El Corte Ingles repeats their support of the America’s Cup. I would like to wish both teams and the sailors, bon vent i bona vela – good winds and good sailing."

Estrella Damm’s Federico Segarra said:
“This sponsorship is a good example of the commitment of Estrella Damm to the city of Valencia and with the sport. The America’s Cup is a very important event for the company, as we hold good memories from our participation at the previous edition.”

Iberdrola’s Juan Bolinches, took the opportunity to comment:
“By participating as sponsors of the event, the Iberdrola Group reasserts our commitment to the Comunidad Valenciana, where we have our Iberdrola Renovables head office and the Iberdrola Team base. I would like to mention that our base at the Port America’s Cup will be open to the visit of school kids and guests, to follow the race and discover this passionate sport.”

Three big Spanish companies:

El Corte Inglés
El Corte Inglés is the first Spanish group in retail distribution, and one of the world’s leaders in the retail sector. With more than 70 years of experience, the group has a global annual bussiness of more than 17,000 milion euros in more than 80 centers in Spain and Portugal –including seven in the Comunidad Valenciana–, providing jobs to more than 100,000 people. For more information, visit

Estrella Damm
Estrella Damm has got more than 134 years of experience in the beer business. Estrella Damm is got two plants and more than 500 workers in the Comunidad Valenciana. In Spain, it has seven plants and more than 2,000 workers. For more information, visit

Iberdrola is a private company with global presence and more than 100 years of history in the energetic bussiness. Today, Iberdrola is one of the biggest electric companies in the world, with activities in 44 countries in four continents, 33,000 workers and more than 28 million clients. For more information, visit

The 33 America’s Cup is sponsored by: Hublot, El Corte Inglés, Estrella Damm and Iberdrola

The 33 America’s Cup Match will be decided by the best of 3 races, as specified in the “Deed of Gift”, official fouding document for the competition.
* Race 1: Upwind-downwind 20 miles per leg
* Race 2: 39 nautical-mile equilateral triangle, first leg
* Race 3 (if necessary): Upwind-downwind 20 miles per leg

33rd America's Cup

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