Monday, 27 September 2010

New Zealand Youth Match Racing Championships: Timeline of Results from Day Three

Josh Junior (RPNYC), Will Tiller (RNZYS), Tim Coltman (RPNYC) and Josh Porebski (RPNYC) go through to the semi-finals

New Zealand Youth Match Racing Championships 2010. Image copyright RPNYC.

by Royal Port Nicholson Yacht Club media

Racing on Day 2 was blown off, but...

0850 Monday. Its another perfect day in Wellinton. The course is being set up in the inner harbour and the breeze s around 10-12 knots. There is a full schedule of races planned for today so keep checking back for updates or better still send "follow WgtnSpirit" to 8987 to receive live updates on your mobile.

0931 Monday. Flight 9 has started with the starboard entrants in both matches being very late. Bowater received a penalty for a Port/Starboard just after the start. The conditions have got slightly light since the marks were first laid.

0941 Monday, Butcher beat Bowater and Philpott beat Fyfe. Both losing boats carried penalties until just before the finish. The breeze has lightened slightly and we are into the start for flight 10.

New Zealand Youth Match Racing Championships 2010. Image copyright RPNYC.

1005 Monday. Flight 10 Butcher over Fyfe by 50 seconds and Philpott over Bowater by 20 seconds. Next we have the big match of Tiller versus Junior.

1029 Monday. Match 1 of Flight 11 was a stunning rae between Tiller and Junior. After a tight prestart sequence Tiller lead of the line with Junior to leeward and closer to the pin. Junior tacked onto port and was promptly covered by Tiller. Junior tacked back onto starboard to get clear air and after tacking back onto port looked to be well behind. However a big gust came from the left and with all three crew fully hiking Junior gained the lead. At the top mark there was a lot of action with Junior holding out Tiller. junior was leading att he bottom mark but Tiller got on his air gybed onto starboard causing protests between the boats. Tiller was penalised and Junior then lead to the finish sending it at high speed through the line. In match 2 Porebski easily beat Fyfe.

1101 Monday. In the first Match Tiller got 2 penalties over Fyfe and that was game over with Tiller going on to win by almost a leg. In the 2nd Match there was a furious prestart between Junior and Porebski and after a bit of backwards sailing a collision occurred and the penalty went against Porebski. Porebski however got the better of the start and lead for much of the first beat. Junior however did get ahead and went on to finish comfortably after Porebski had done his turns.

1209 Monday. After a delay for gear breakages Flight 13 is now underway with Tiller leading Butcher who is also carrying a penalty and Colman is leading Philpott

1222 Monday. Junior beat Butcher and Coltman easily lead Philpott to the finish. One more match in the Round Robin to go.

New Zealand Youth Match Racing Championships 2010. Image copyright RPNYC.

1245 Monday. In the last flight Coltman was handed a penalty but managed to o his turns on the layline up the second beat. Leading into the finish Butcher caught a big gut and planed to the finish almost catching Coltman who was at the pin in much lighter airs

1249 Monday. Junior crossed the line comfortably ahead of Philpott to conclude the first Round Robin. Junior leads on 7 wins followed by Tiller on 6.

1308 Monday. Big Drama at the beginning of Flight 1 Round Robin 2. Bowater hooked her rudder around the anchor chain of the start boat and was black flagged. In Match 2 Fyfe was very late into the start and was hunted mercilessly by Junior who eventually handed him three penalties which became a black flag. Flight over.

1348 Monday. We are back underway sailing with shortened courses. In flight 2 1st Match Junior got a penalty on Bowater and comfortably won. In match 2 Coltman won in a very exciting downwind finish.

1414 Monday. Flight 3 - The wind is up to 18-20 knots and we are seeing some exciting racing on Bloody Mary. Junior beat Coltman and Bowater got one over Fyfe.

1440 Monday Flight 4. Butcher over Porebski who was carrying a penalty. Tiller coped a penalty as well but managed to discharge it to win over Philpott.

1500 Monday. Flight 5 Tiller over Porebski and Philpott over Butcher.

1515 Monday. Flight 6. We are moving rapidly through the flights and the race comittee is trying to get round robin 2 completed today. In the racing we saw Tiller over Butcher and Porebski over Philpott.

1530 Monday. Flight 7. Tiller over Bowater and Porebski over Coltman.

1557 Monday. Flight 8 had some surprises. After controlling the start Porebski was just over the line at the gun and Bowater went on to win. In the other flight Tiller won the start but on the down wind leg Coltman held him out before gybing very late and got the win.

New Zealand Youth Match Racing Championships 2010. Image copyright RPNYC.

1615 Monday. In another great result in Flight 9 Bowater capitalised on a slightly better start to sail to a win over Butcher

1621 Monday. To conclude flight 9 Philpott had a good win over Fyfe. The breeze is a little softer as we close in on 5.00pm but there are plenty more flight to come today.

1648 Monday. Flight 10 has concluded with Bowater's good run continuing with a win over Philpott and Butcher won his match against Fyfe. Next up another clash between Tiller and Junior

1714 Monday. In match 1 of flight 11 Junior got a penalty on Tiller upon entry. At the gun both boats were slightly over, Tiller had to go back to the line and Junior chose to circle the committee boat coming out slightly ahead when crossing the line. This advantage was held until the finish where Tiller did his turns. In the other match Porebski was a clear winner over Fyfe.

1731 Monday. William Tiller won the first flight over Fyfe and Junior beat Porebski after getting 2 penalties on him in the prestart. We are still expecting to get the last two flights of the round robin way today

1752 Monday. In the match between Butcher and Junior Butcher led back to the line to win the start. Junior managed to even it up near the top of the course and pass. Junior had a good run to the finish while Butcher suffered from some spinnaker problems and and trailed by a large margin at the finish.

1758 Monday. In the second Match of flight 13 Coltman won over Philpott.

1813 Monday. In the second last match of the day Butcher led to the finish but was carrying a penalty. In the process of doing his turn he incurred another letting Coltman through for the win. In the last match Junior won against Philpott to go through the round robins unbeaten.

1823 Monday. That's all for today folks. The top four for the semis are Josh Junior, William Tiller, Tim Coltman and Josh Porebski.

New Zealand Youth Match Racing Championships 2010. Image copyright RPNYC.

Round Robin One

Junior RPNYC 7-0
Tiller RNZYS 6-1
Coltman RPNYC 5-2
Porebski RPNYC 4-3
Butcher RNZYS 3-4
Philpott NPCL 2-5
Bowater RNZYS 1-6
Fyfe QCYC 0-7

Round Robin 2 (Flight 13 not sailed)

Junior 6-0
Tiller 6-2
Coltman 4-3
Bowater 4-3
Porebski 3-4
Butcher 3-4
Philpott 2-3
Fyfe 0-7


William Tiller, Chris Staub, Jono Spurdle - RNZYS 1
Danielle Bowater, Lisa Chamberlain, Katie de Lange, Paige Cook - RNZYS 2
Benny Butcher, Aaron Reynolds-Lovegrove, Sam Molesworth- RNZYS 3
Josh Junior, Matt Steven, Chris Jones - RPNYC 1
Tim Coltman, Michael Cook, Jackson MacFarlane - RPNYC 2
Josh Porebski, Adam Middleton, Mackenzie Taylor, William Eastman - RPNYC 3
Scott Fyfe, Declan Burn, Luke Bergman - QCYC
Daniel Philpott, Sam Herron, Michael Anderson - NPCL

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