Friday, 4 February 2011

Warren Jones: Not the Day of FMJ Racing this time

by Will Tiller

After qualifying second from the round robins, we were left facing Evan Walker in the semi final. In both races there were multiple lead changes but unfortunately only the last lead change counts on the score sheet, making it 2-0 to Walker. This left us racing in the petit finals against David Chapman, with the winner the first to two points.

We won the opener and were well in front in the second race with him carrying a penalty when our spinnaker halyard snap shackle (which was taped closed) caught and came off up the rig, leaving our spinnaker trailing in the water and our halyard at the top of the rig. After some close manoeuvring we ended up with our bow lodged in his stern quarter, much to the amusement of the crowds that were watching. We then re-launched the spinnaker on the genoa halyard, but lost the race´by less than a nose. To cap off a great performance we were then docked a full point for damage after a hearing.

We picked ourselves up to easily win the next race, and were ahead in the fourth (yes you can have four races in a best of three) when we picked up a penalty at the leeward mark. We were unable to clear our turn, leaving us a disappointing fourth place.

So things weren't going our way in the lovely city of Perth. However, they say you make your own luck and we will be training hard to make sure we have better luck next time.

Thanks to our Sponsors, Chris Meads of Full Metal Jacket and the RNZYS.

Note from SailRaceWin: Commentators noted that the boat handling was better on Tiller's boat than those of his Australian opponent in the petit-final, which may have been an issue with some of the penalties/contact.

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