Thursday, 24 March 2011

America's Cup: Preparing to head North

AC45 prototype. Image copyright Gilles Martin-Raget/

by Hannah Davis

As teams in New Zealand are focused on their AC45 test programs, the America’s Cup Race Management operations team is already looking a step ahead to moving all the boats and equipment from New Zealand to a launch pad in the Mediterranean.

Once sailing in New Zealand is complete, ACRM has organized for the AC45 catamarans and their wing sails, team containers and equipment to be shipped together to Europe. The plan is to assemble all equipment in Valencia, Spain before the 2011 “road show” starts.

“In an effort to help teams manage their logistics costs, ACRM is sourcing shipping so that we can move the teams together from venue to venue,” said Andy Hindley, ACRM Chief Operations Officer.

“Our on-the-water team is preparing a temporary base in Valencia to organize event support boats and other equipment for the racing season. Valencia is a port we are all familiar with and offers great shipping options so it’s a good place to launch from.”

ACRM issued a Regatta Notice to Competitors advising of the opportunity to participate in the shared shipping program.

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