Thursday, 24 March 2011

VELUX5OCEANS: "Power" Focus for Velux 5 Oceans Sprint 4 Sustainability Award

Eco 60 skippers to shed light on sustainable power generation, management and preservation

VELUX 5 OCEANS fleet in Punta del Este. Image copyright Ainhoa Sanchez/onEdition.

by Sarah Hames

POWER will be the theme for the sustainability award for ocean sprint four of the VELUX 5 OCEANS. Continuing the series of themes which have already included water and food, the four Eco 60 skippers will discuss how they create, manage and conserve power while alone at sea in The Ultimate Solo Challenge.

The sustainability award supports the VELUX 5 OCEANS’ own green mission TAKING ON THE ELEMENTS, built around the principle that through sustainable practices at sea the skippers can educate and inspire people on land to change the way they live their lives. The award is judged on how the ocean racers communicate about their lives at sea in relation to key themes of sustainability.

The skippers are competing for their share of a €10,000 sustainability prize fund, split between ocean sprints three, four and five. The Eco 60 Class is governed by a number of regulations designed to limit costs and encourage positive environmental practices, promoting limited fossil fuel consumption and seeking to develop wind, solar and hydro power to take a message of sustainable living around the world.

The skippers make every effort to conserve energy while at sea and rely on sustainable sources for the majority of their power. These include solar panels, wind generators and revolutionary hydrogenerators.

Alongside the skippers, the VELUX 5 OCEANS race team will also explore the theme of power during ocean sprint four. We will also be teaming up with our race partners VELUX, Maersk Line and Sailors for the Sea who will be offering their input on their own sustainable practices and vision.

“Sustainability is a very important part of our business agenda,” said VELUX Group’s Anne-Marie Hasselbalch, VELUX 5 OCEANS project director. “Therefore, as title sponsor, we are keen to support the race theme. In the VELUX Group we develop designs of future buildings which are carbon neutral, energy efficient and have healthy indoor climate.”

The winner of the sprint three sustainability prize will be announced tomorrow along with the other awards at the sprint three prize giving ceremony.


Don’t miss today’s second round of webchats with the VELUX 5 OCEANS skippers – your chance to ask your favourite sailors any question you like.

Timetable for webchats:
Brad Van Liew (USA): 2300 UTC (1900 EDT)
Derek Hatfield (CAN): 2330 UTC (2030 ADT)

The 30-minute webchats will be hosted on the Eco 60 class website