Thursday, 24 March 2011

BWR: Mirabaud - No Regrets

Mirabaud. Image copyright Maria Muina/Barcelona World Race.

by Barcelona World Race media

The journey from the South American coast to Barcelona is shaping up to be a varied one for the Barcelona World Race fleet, but for Dominique Wavre (SUI) and Michèle Paret (FRA) the home leg will be even more unexpected, as they are currently in Mar del Plata, Argentina, with the dismasted Mirabaud. From shore Dominique Wavre reflected on the race:
“Several key events all played a role in our race. In general, I think we sailed well and I don’t have any major regrets in terms of the strategy we chose. We did a good job of keeping the boat in good shape ready for the final Atlantic leg and the sprint up the Mediterranean to the finish in Barcelona. But we also had to deal with situations which took their toll on us, starting with the boarding party from Moroccan customs at the beginning of the race. The St Helena High didn’t do us any favours either and we arrived just at the wrong time and had no option but to sit and wait it out.

“Following that, the ice gates designed to protect us from the risk of bergs, forced us into an area of high pressure that stopped us in our tracks, just like a motorway toll station! It was a real stroke of bad luck and our strategic options were very limited. Finally, we also had to deal with Michèle’s health issues, forcing us to ease up on the speed, and then the dismasting just as Michèle was on the road to recovery and the boat was truly shipshape.

“There is definitely a certain sense of frustration but I will keep some great memories of a good race, during which we stayed in the game and also enjoyed ourselves. It has also brought Michèle and I even closer, and we’ve proved that Mirabaud is a super boat, good in all conditions and exceptional when she finds her groove.”

For the racing boats it’s business as usual tonight. Virbac-Paprec 3 have passed the Cape Verde islands and are currently 249 miles ahead of MAPFRE who are just reaching the archipelago’s latitude this evening. Approaching the Equator, Renault Z.E. are making reasonable progress through Doldrums conditions at just over 5 knots, while Estrella Damm and Neutrogena remain evenly matched for speed, with 38 miles dividing the pair.

GAES Centros Auditivoshave dropped down to single figures as they enter the lighter trades, while Hugo Boss takes over the mantle as fastest on the track, clocking over 320 miles in 24 hours. After the ravages of last night’s low pressure system, both Hugo Boss and Forum Maritim Catala are back up to speed, although 280 miles now separate the seventh and eighth placed teams, while We Are Water are back on course for Cape Horn as they await their own Southern Ocean storm.

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