Tuesday, 22 March 2011

BWR: Falklands Stop Over for HUGO BOSS !

HUGO BOSS leaves the Falkland Islands. Image copyright Alex Thomson Racing.

From Andy Meiklejohn:
A massive thanks to the guys in Stanley. Hugo Boss is back in the race and finally back to 100%. Barcelona, here we come!

From Wouter Verbraak
Left the very welcoming Falklands and reaching at 20knots! It is GOOD to be back in the race!!!

by Alex Thomson Racing

The boys are back in the race, HUGO BOSS left the Falklands Islands at 18:00 GMT Monday, for the last blast back to Barcelona. The boat, the boys and the sails are all in great shape, having had first class support from the Islanders and the team from Doyles. Thanks to everyone who looked after them and helped them out down there.

by Wouter Verbraak

The remote islands of the Falklands are proving to be very welcoming. The local community can’t do enough for us, and is helping out in every\way they can. Friday, two sail makers from Doyles New Zealand arrived, and they have worked through the nights on the sails. They have the local gym hall/dance hall/wedding location to their disposal (we did not want to impose on the local worshipers), their hotel is a five minute walk and lunches and dinners are organized to be delivered to them. We have to get the work done, and get going again.

In the mean time we have worked hard on the generator and fixed the main track. They weather is sunny and dry, but never more than a few hours without wind. In the end we did the repair with 20 knots of wind, which had Andy rattling his teeth up the rig. We got it done however, and that is a great victory. Will be great to be able to sail with full main again for the first time since Cape of Good Hope!

It has been magic too, to sleep in a proper bed and for more than three hours at the time!

With the pressure gone, we realize just how exhausted we are, and have to keep reminding ourselves that every minute here counts, and that we need to be going again as soon as we can.

On Friday evening we had a couple of beers in the local pub with the people that are helping us, and that made the race feel miles away. Today, Sunday, we are reloading part of the sails and all the gear. Hopefully all ready tomorrow morning. Looking forward to going sailing again, and finish the race. With the repairs done, it will be a nice feeling to sail the boat at 100 percent, rather than limp around with broken sails and mast track.

Andy Meiklejohn
Wouter Verbraak
Alex Thomson Racing
Barcelona World Race