Thursday, 2 June 2011

French Tactician Sidney Gavignet Completes the First European Crew on Esimit Europa

Sidney Gavignet. Image copyright Mark Lloyd/Lloyd Images.

by Gorzad Mauri

Sidney Gavignet, extraordinary sailor from France with an impressive carnet of victories at the world’s best regattas, is to join Esimit Europa 2. After the announcements regarding Juan Vila, from Spain, and Jochen Schümann, from Germany, Sidney is the third big sailing star to join the European sport project this year.

“Sailing, to me, equals to sharing: each time you sail, you share something with those you are working with and with those who are watching you. Thus, it is very important for me to be on a boat that does not only sail for victories, but also carries a greater message. It will be an honour, this time, to share the idea of Europe”, Sidney stated. Regarding the sport perspective, he said: “there are two things I am mostly looking forward to in my future on board of Esimit Europa 2: the technical challenge and the people. On one side, I am obviously excited to sail on such a special boat; on the other, I am extremely looking forward to work with people whom I have known for years, but have never sailed with yet. I feel that the mutual respect we have for each other can be a very good basis for successful collaboration”.

Sidney Gavignet. Image copyright Mark Lloyd/Lloyd Images.

The first European sport team will be officially presented in Monte Carlo, Principality of Monaco, on 11th June, in event hosted by the Yacht Club de Monaco and their President, HSH the Prince of Monaco Albert II. The event will be attended by several endorsers of the project, which enjoys the support of many European politicians, as well as of CEOs of important Europe’s businesses. Regarding the completion of Esimit Europa’s crew, project founder Igor Simčič stated: “Europe needs more than symbols. Today more than ever, Europe needs concrete actions, especially in the field of economic cooperation. This is what we want to show with our project: that we must not be afraid of cooperating and supporting each other, because, in the long run, that’s the winning card to play. I feel very lucky that we managed to gather the right people to make this happen. Sidney is definitely one of us”.

Esimit Europa 2 is one of the fastest and technologically most advanced sailing yachts in the world. The 30-meters long maxi sails under the patronage of Mr. José Manuel Barroso, president of the European Commission, and is sponsored by Gazprom. In its first season in 2010, the yacht won all the attended regattas and scored 11 consecutive race victories, providing 11 occasions for Europeans to cheer for their continent and to see the European flag climb upon the highest step of the podium.

Esimit Europa