Thursday, 2 June 2011

Kieler Woche : Multihull Offshore Race

by Hermann Hell

First time in History of the Kieler Woche the Multihulls can compete in the Offshore program. We like to invite all racing and performance-cruiser Multihulls to sail this legendary race between the centre of Kiel and the nice town Eckernförde. It’s a short distance race between the Fjord of Kiel and Eckernförde.

It’s one of the nicest sailing areas to sail in Northern Germany and connected to the biggest maritime festival of North. It is a great chance to present Multihull Sailing to a big audience. We have 3 million visitors in 10 days each year at Kieler Woche and 10+ TV Stations.

This Race is the opening of the Kieler Woche 2011 and the start will be followed by thousands of spectators and German media.

It is an offshore distance race between Kiel City and Eckernförde City. Approx. 45miles each way. Connected to great Party life in Kiel and Eckernförde.

Welcome Race to Eckernförde (18th June): Start: 9:30h, Saturday, 18. June in front of the Kieler Yacht club inner fjord of Kiel. Finish: In front of the Harbour of Eckernförde, Prize giving at 19:30h in Eckernförde

Welcome Race back to Kiel ( 19th June): Start: 12h, Sunday, 19. June in front of the Harbour of Eckernförde, Finish: Kiel-Light-tower inner Kiel fjord.

Prize Giving: 19:30h Event Center at Olympic Centre Kiel-Schilksee.

Entry: Racing and Performance Cruiser Multihulls between 24 and 60 Foot can enter. We sail under modified Texel Rating. Boats must fulfil the Int. Offshore sailing rules and carry safety Equipment during Racing.

OPEN DIVISION where we count all boats without Handicap Rules.
HANDICAP/RATING DEVISION where we use a proven Multihull handicap system based on Texel Rating for all boats who have a rating.

Regatta Dates Kieler Woche 2011

18 - 22 June: Olympic Classes / ISAF Sailing World Cup
(470, 49er, 2.4mR open, Women Matchrace/Elliott 6m, Finn-Dinghy, Laser, Laser radial W, Neil Pryde RS:X, Starboat)

23 - 26 June: International Classes
(29er, 290erXX, 420, 505, Contender, Dragon, Europe, Flying Dutchman, Folkeboat, Formula 18, H-Boat, Hobie 16, J 24, Musto Performance Skiff, OK-Dinghy, Platu 25)

General Programme
18 - 26 June: Offshore
18 - 19 June: Welcome Race from Kiel to Eckernförde and back (ORCi, ORC-Club), Offshore IDM
20 - 22 June: Kiel-Cup Alpha (ORCi), Farr 30 Pre-Europeans, X-99 (German Open)
23 - 24 June: Silbernes Band, long-distance (ORCi, ORC-Club), Offshore IDM
25 June: Senatspreis (ORCi, ORC-Club), Offshore IDM
18 - 22 June: Kiel-Cup Foxtrott (Albin Express, CB 66, J-80 (German Open), Laser SB3, Melges 24 (German Open), Streamline
22 June: Kaiserpokal (final race of all Kiel-Cup groups)

23 - 26 June: Farr 30 European Championship
23 - 26 June: X-99 Goldcup
18 - 25 June: Offshore IDM (Welcome Race, Silbernes Band and Senatspreis)
20 - 22 June: X-99 German-Open, Kiel-Cup Alpha
20 - 22 June: Farr 30 Pre-Europeans, Kiel-Cup Alpha
18 - 22 June: Melges 24 German Open, Kiel-Cup Foxtrott

Kieler Woche