Monday, 4 July 2011

REDGREEN Carbon3 Trimaran in Denmark

REDGREEN in new partnership with Denmark’s fastest trimaran

REDGREEN 40 foot Carbon3 trimaran in Denmark. Image copyright REDGREEN.

by REDGREEN media

REDGREEN has signed a sponsorship agreement with Team Carbon3, which is launching the first 40-foot racing trimaran in Fåborg on southern Funen, with Jesper Bank at the helm.

First Sea Trials

We have entered into this partnership as the people and the story behind the Carbon3 project share the same values and innovative thinking as REDGREEN and our customers.

Carbon3 in 30 Knots

Moreover, we see it as an excellent opportunity to support our strategy for the experience we want to develop, drawing as it does associations with the maritime world both in Denmark and internationally, and we are very proud to be part of such an ambitious and professional project.

Carbon3: winners at Kieler Woche

CARBON3 Technical Facts

Length : 40 feet
Beam : 9.8 metres
Mainsail : 80 sq m
Foresail : 35 sq m
Code zero : 99 sq m
Genakker : 140 sq m
Material : Carbon sandwich
Design : Nigel Irens
Boatbuilders : Jakob Frost / Jonas Pedersen, Tuco Marine Group
Top Speed : calculated 40 knots

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