Friday, 8 July 2011

Régates Royales - Trophée Panerai : a very special rendez-vous

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by Soazig Guého

The Yacht Club de Cannes and the Société des Régates de Cannes, co-organisers of the Régates Royales, have announced the 2011 programme. The conference was held at the prestigious Yacht Club de France in Paris, at the presence of Monsieur Brochand, the Deputy Mayor of Cannes.

From September 19th to 25th, the stunning bay of Cannes will be once again sparkle with the vast array of magnificent classic yachts and several dozens Dragons, the elegant one design keel boat.

Having celebrated the 150th anniversary last year, the Yacht Club de Cannes will welcome some of the most beautiful classic, traditional yachts and the Dragons, to race in the Bay of Cannes, one of the world's best loved sailing locations.

“Exceptional boats, the very best of traditional yachting, professional sailors and experienced enthusiasts will meet once more in Cannes; the season's highlight rendez-vous. The Règates Royales has converted Cannes, a city most associated to the world of film, into the mecca of traditional sailing,” declared Jean-Claude Montesinos, President of the Yacht Club de Cannes. “One more edition and out team continues to work to guarantee a year on year success. Maintaining the racing at the highest of leves and to provide a perfect “grand finale: to the Panerai Cicurtuic, a true world championship for classic yachts”, added Jean-Paul Ortelli, event organiser at the Société de Régates Royales.

From dream to reality

From the smallest boat, Dainty to the majestic Cambria, the huge fleet of old beauties will race on courses set in the bay of Cannes and around the Lerins islands. More than one hundred boats are expected to enliven this 33rd edition of the Régates Royales – Trophée Panerai, with some international stars that include Moonbeam III, Moonbeam IV, Tuiga, Mariska, Mariquita, Eilean and Rowdy.

Over fifty Dragon's are expected to race in Cannes in the very competitive class where the Russian champion Anatoly Loginov, winner of the 2010 edition on Annapurna, will be on guard to defend his title from his fellow competitors, including Prince Henrik of Denmark and his crew on Whilte Lady.

Les Régates Royales on shore

This year the WWF association (World Wildlife Fund) will be present in Cannes again to inform the public and the sailors about serious environmental issues. The ambassador boat WWF Columbus will be moored in the harbour for the third time and activities led by WWF will be presented on the association’s stand in the village.

For the fifth consecutive year the organisers, in association with Cannes Yacht Club and the City of Cannes have set up an amateur photo competition which will run from September 20th to 25th, this year the theme is “Régates Royales light and shadow”. Sportsmanship, fair-play, friendship and tradition will be evaluated by the jury.

Key dates Régates Royales – Trophée Panerai

Monday September 19th - Welcome and registrations
Racing – first start signal at 11.00 - Dragons
Pétanque tournament
Welcome Cocktail at the race village

Tuesday September 20th Racing – first start signal at 11.00 - Dragons
Racing – first start signal at 12.00 - Classics
Football matches at the race village
Pasta party and rock concert at the race village

Wednesday 21 September Racing – first start signal at 11.00 - Dragons
Racing – first start signal at 12.00 - Classics
Tug of War game
Pasta party at the race village

Thursday 22 September Racing – first start signal at 11.00 – Dragons
Racing – first start signal at 12.00 - Classics
Panerai dinner

Friday 23 September Racing – first start signal at 11.00 - Dragons
Racing – first start signal at 12.00 - Classics and metre classes
Painting contest
Prize giving ceremony for the Dragon class
Pasta evening in the Race Village

Saturday 24 September Racing – first start signal at 12.00 - Classics
18h00: Prize giving ceremony at the race village for Classic and Spirit of Tradition Yachts

Sunday 25 September Feeder race to Saint-Tropez, organised by the Yacht Club de France

Les Régates Royales – Trophée Panerai