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ISAF Match Race Rankings 9th June 2010: Minoprio Still on Top for NZ

There are no changes at the top in the latest release of the ISAF World Match Race Rankings. The current World Champion Adam Minoprio (NZL) continues to dominate in the Open Rankings whilst Lucy Macgregor (GBR) holds off the chasing pack to maintain her #1 position in the Women's

Adam Minoprio, Winner of Match Race Germany 2010. World Match Racing Tour. Langenargen, Germany. 24 May 2010. Image copyright Gareth Cooke/Subzero Images/WMRT.

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Open Rankings

Adam Minoprio (NZL) completes his eighth consecutive release in the world #1 spot having won stage two of the ISAF World Match Racing Tour in Langenargen due to mother natures intervention. The semi-finals were cut short due to the lack of breeze allowing Adam Minoprio and his ETNZ BlackMatch Racing Team to proceed to the final against Jesper Radich of Denmark. By reaching the final Radich made the giant leap from #320 to #136 in the latest rankings.

Number two in the rankings Torvar Mirsky of Australia was defeated at the semi-final stage by Minoprio and went on to finish fourth overall. Mathieu Richard of France continues to heap pressure on third ranked Ben Ainslie (GBR) with a third placing at Match Race Germany. Ainslie meanwhile has been campaigning with his TeamOrigin team mates.

Sebastien Col (FRA) moved up one position from seventh to sixth to join Richard and Damien Iehl as the French trio maintain their grip in the top ten.

Former ISAF Match Racing World Champion, Ian Williams (GBR) started his 2010 campaign at stage two of the ISAF World Match Racing Tour in Germany recording a fifth position and drops to seventh in the latest rankings. Also returning to the match racing arena after a number of fleet race regattas in the Mediterranean is seasoned Olympic and Americas Cup professional Paolo Cian (ITA) who is the defending champion in Gyeonggi, South Korea. Cian currently occupies #18 position in the ISAF Rankings.

Other major movers are Reuben Corbett, another Kiwi, who jumps from #52 to #33 with a win at the ISAF Grade 3 regatta, the Tallinn Open. Gian Luca Perris of Monaco jumps fifteen places to #39 with his 12th place finish at Match Race France in Marseilles and Taylor Canfield (ISV) who has made advances to #36 with a win at the Chicago Match Race ISAF Grade 3 regatta.

Match racing - Open - Wednesday 9 June 2010 (top 10)

1 Minoprio Adam NZL 8 1 1 12402
2 Mirsky Torvar AUS 8 2 2 11713
3 Ainslie Ben GBR 8 3 3 11412
4 Richard Mathieu FRA 8 4 1 11364
5 Iehl Damien FRA 8 5 3 10801
6 Col Sebastien FRA 8 7 1 10738
7 Williams Ian GBR 8 6 1 10459
8 Gilmour Peter AUS 8 8 1 10407
9 Hansen Bjorn SWE 8 10 4 9724
10 Bruni Francesco ITA 8 9 9 9712

Women's Rankings

Lucy Macgregor (GBR) retains the top spot in the Women's ISAF World Match Race Rankings. At the ISAF Sailing World Cup in Medemblik, the Delta Lloyd Regatta, Macgregor's team cruised through the opening rounds only to face Anne-Claire Le Berre of France in a windy final for the gold medal. Le Berre won it in a real tense final but Macgregor earned enough points to cement her position at the top of the rankings.

Macgregor's nearest rival Claire Leroy (FRA) did not compete in Holland but won the ISAF Grade 1 regatta, the Boat US Santa Maria Cup, to maintain the pressure on the current leader. Katie Spithill of Australia remains in third place despite a ninth overall position at the Delta Lloyd Regatta whilst the three French crews hold their places in the top ten.

Genevieve Tulloch (USA) moves up two spots, gaining valuable points with a close final against Claire Leroy in Santa Maria where she was narrowly beaten. The other USA team skippered by Anna Tunnicliffe finished third in Santa Maria and she maintains her sixth position in the rankings but the points margin is narrowing due to the advance of Anne-Claire Le Berre.

Tamara Echegoyen of Spain continues her climb up the leaderboard with an impressive third position at the ISAF Sailing World Cup in Medemblik moving her from #51 to #36. Sofia Bekatorou (GRE) finished fourth in Holland and gains ten spots to #32.

Others who have made big gains include Linur Kliger of Israel who has jumped 27 places to #80 and Adrienne Michelle Patterson who made a big leap from #249 to #92 with a win at the Northern Lights Women's Match Racing Regatta, an ISAF Grade 3 regatta in Sheboygan, USA.

The next release of the ISAF World Match Race Rankings will be on 21 July 2010.

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