Thursday, 10 June 2010

Sails of White Nights: Black Swan Racing in Russia

by Black Swan Racing media

On Tuesday we arrived in St Petersburg, Russia for the ISAF grade 1 Sails of White Nights National Congress Cup.

The regatta will be sailed on the three man "Santa 760" yacht with an a-symmetrical spinnaker. These are difficult boats to sail as the hull shape is not optomised for great performance. The sailing area is a free flowing river refined by the shore on one side and a shipping channel on the other. Because of the many land influences the wind is shifty and quite unpredictable.

"Being an ISAF grade 1 event this regatta is important, as a good result will help us improve our world ranking. It's going to be very testing with the venue and boats but I am confident we can pull it off." Keith Swinton, helmsman Black Swan Racing.

Black Swan Racing