Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Australian F18 Nationals Preview

Edge. Suppiled image.

by James Ogilvie

The Australia F18 Association Nationals are scheduled from Sat 22nd till Monday 24th Jan at Gosford Sailing Club with major Sponsors being Harken and Zhik.

Over the past 4 years saw a slow reduction in F18 numbers but 2010 has proven to be a change in the trend with fleets growing in Northern Territory, Windrush Catamarans pushing interest in WA along with a new design and the NSW Traveller Series building the fleet from just 3 boats to 20 in the 12month period. Australia is also a major player in design and manufacture of this class, both AHPC "C2" (Australian High Performance Catamarans) and Windrush "EDGE" designing new boats in 2009/10 both showing top end performance not only in Australia but International events.

F18 sailing in Australia:

Hobie Europe "WILD CAT" and Nacra Catamarans "INFUSION" both have their current models performing well so we should see a great mix of manufactures and sailors performing at top level as the Australian Nationals. This event is also the Selection Series for the Formula 18 Worlds and the top 10 places receive entry into this event as numbers are now restricted due to the growth in our class and running a worlds event with a minimum of 200 entrants.

Nacra F18 nose-dive:

With the current AC class boats now being catamarans, classes such as Formula 18 and A Class have seen numbers and skill levels serge in Australia and we expect this to continue over the next few years. Not only do we have some of the best designs and manufactures we have some of the best sailors competing in catamaran racing to date.

Main Manufacturers
AHPC - C2 and Capricorn
Windrush - EDGE
Hobie Europe - WILD CAT and Tiger

C2. Supplied image.

The current online entry list is 22 boats but we have at minimum 40 boats confirmed to attend. Adam Beashel from Emirates Team NZ will be taking Katie Spithill's position as skipper on the Wild Cat as she will be in the US doing Match Racing Duties.

Present Entry List
1 Leanne Gould Infusion
2 David Jorgenson Infusion
3 Gary Gornal Infusion
4 Leigh Thorne C2
5 Rod Waterhouse Wild Cat
6 Brett White Wild Cat
7 Kyle Amadio Infusion
8 Grant Pewell Wild Cat
9 Greg Wyers Capricorn
10 Steven Kroon Infusion
11 Bruce Gunn Infusion
12 Michael Guinea Infusion
13 Ian Simpson Infusion
14 Greg Goodall C2
15 Ceadric Reader Capricorn
16 Billy Nissen Infusion
17 Gavin Parker C2
18 James Ogilvie C2
19 Mitch Booth Wild Cat
20 Steve Brewin C2
21 Jason Waterhouse Wild Cat
22 Andrew Holden Infusion

Australian F18 Association
F18 Australian Nationals