Monday, 4 July 2011

F18 Worlds : Balatonfüred is ready for the start of the first Hungarian Formula 18 Worlds

The first two days of the Groupama Garancia F18 Catamaran World Championship were busy and full of experiences

Groupama sponsors F18 sailing. Image copyright Aron Szanto.

by Gabriella Biár

At the beginning of the world championship the Füred Camping became a colorful community. Competitors arrived from all over the world, occupied their accommodation and got prepared to the contest. According to the principal of fair play the catamarans and the participants must be measured by the strict judges. The rules of the F18 class regulate minimum weight for the ships and the sailors too. The measuring processes were fast and continuous, and after that most of the competitors took their catamarans to water and started getting know the Lake Balaton.

Franck Cammas. Image copyright Aron Szanto.

Franck Cammas the famous sailor arrived to that stirring atmosphere on Friday, and he gladly met some of his former contestant. The organizers ensured that the holder of multiple records could try the Hungarian water. Until Yann Ménétrier, the head of the Groupama Garancia tried the catamaran sailing, till then Cammas followed them by motorboat. Maybe it’s not an accident that the Hungarian sailors sharpened the turn so much that the principal’s adventure ended in the water.

Franck Cammas goes F18 sailing. Image copyright Aron Szanto.

Cammas, knowing well that situation said funnily appreciating the “Hungarian see”: “It’s so good that the water is not salty, so it’s not burn the eyes!” The famous sailor liked his experiences at the world championship, but as a real sportsman he concentrated to his next challenge, that’s why he could just spend two days in Hungary. “I am about to sail in two major regattas, where I will meet new opponents. Beyond the former regattas where were most of the competitors French, it’s time to start international races with Groupama. I would like to come back to Hungary for a longer visit, because I find the country so likeable so far.”

Cammas signs autographs. Image copyright Aron Szanto.

On Saturday the lucky guests onboard the Szent Miklós ship by favor of the Groupama Garancia could follow the catamarans’ training with the expert explain of Franck Cammas. After that he had to leave, but the experiences gained here maybe lure him back.

Franck Cammas goes F18 sailing. Image copyright Aron Szanto.

The opening ceremony of the Groupama Garancia F18 World Championship was hold in Sunday at the Kisfaludy-stage in Balatonfüred, and the start of the race will be on Monday morning.

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