Monday, 4 July 2011

OM Match Race : Disappointment for Freshie Racing

by Travis Keay

Freshie Racing has had a disappointing regatta in Ledro for the OM Match race. The Grade 2 event had many top ranked skippers such as Reuben Corbett and Will Tiller from New Zealand.

The team felt confident going into our first race of day 2 against Will Tiller, we managed to catch Tiller out at the top mark stopping him from bearing away and allowed us to gain the lead but just as the first day small complications led to leads being lost.

After the first race the team did not gain enough wins to qualify for semi's and ended in 11th place.

The team has now ended their 2011 Europe Tour winning 2 of our 4 regattas and begin training and planing for next year. Thanks for following the team and keep posted for future news on local events and our next season.

Freshie Racing Team
OM Match Race