Sunday, 3 July 2011

OM Match Race : Kiwi Teams Fight for Podium Places

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by OM Match Race media

The round robin concluded with its remaining six flights at the Grade 2 OM Match Race at Lago di Ledro, Italy.

Reuben Corbett (NZL) won all the matches he fought, thus ranking first in the RR; Mads Ebler (DEN) and William Tiller (NZL) followed stright behind with nine victories each. Przemek Tarnacki (POL) joined the first teams in the semi-finals as the fourth in the RR.

Image copyright Giorgio Davanza.

Corbett decided to fight his semifinals against Tarnacki, thus leaving Ebler to match with Tiller.

On the first semifinal the victorious team was Corbett, who won both the races; the second semifinal went to Ebler, who had to work harder since he was tied to Tiller up to the last match.

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During the semifinals all the skippers who finished the round robin in the following positions matched to maintain their result against the closer skipper (5th-6th, 7th-8th and 9th-10th). In the end, all those mathces went to the skippers who scored higher in the RR, thus leaving the results unchanged.

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In the evening all the skippers were hosted again at the club for a traditional Trentino meal: polenta, polenta di patate (very tipical and "very" different from smashed potatoes), sausages and goulash.

On Sunday, Tiller will meet Tarnacki for the 3rd-4th place and Ebler will meet Corbett for the gold medal.

If they survive the after dinner strudel...

Image copyright Giorgio Davanza.

Round Robin Results

1. Reuben Corbett (NZL) 11-0
2. Mads Ebler (DEN) 9-2
3. William Tiller (NZL) 9-2
4. Przemek Tarnacki (POL) 7-4
5. Nicolai Sehested (DEN) 7-4
6. Jurjen Feitsma (NED) 5-6
7. Dejan Presen 4-7
8. Martin Boidin 4-7
9. Valerio Galati 3-8
10. Saverio Ramirez 2.5-8
11. Peter Nicholas (AUS) 2-9
12. Sandro Cavallari 1-10


Sehested 1 - Feitsma 0

Presen 1 - Boidin 0

Galati 1 - Ramirez 0


Ebler 2 - Tiller 1
Corbett 2 - Tarnacki 0

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