Wednesday, 6 July 2011

F18 Worlds : (NOT) Gone with the Wind

Darren Bundock and Jeroen Van Leeuwen doing very cheesy grins on a C2 on Lake Balaton! Image copyright Áron Szántó.

by Gabriella Biár

On the second day of the world championship the weather was unpredictable again.

Because of the lack of wind the participants of the Groupama Garancia F18 World Championship had to wait for two hours before the organizers could let the race begin. The first group of the first race could start and finish the section but the second group was not so lucky.

“In the morning we tried to let the race but they hardly crossed the finish line. In the afternoon we replaced the course, preparing for a tail-wind section but the wind blew from 320-360 degrees, so it would not have been fair to the others, thus there were no more races today,” Attila R. Nagy the president of the BYC said.

The second group was planned to start again in the afternoon, but the organizers had to stop the race on the second time because of the extreme circumstances. “The Lake Balaton introduced itself, one part of the course was windy as long as the other part was calm,” Peter Süle organizer said.

Presently, just the first group has results, so we need to wait for the silver and golden groups. Maybe the weather will be more gracious tomorrow and let the championship continue.

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