Monday, 21 March 2011

BWR: HUGO BOSS Getting Race Ready Once More

Andy Meiklejohn on board HUGO BOSS. Image copyright Wouter Verbraak/Alex Thomson Racing.

by SailRaceWin

Andy Meiklejohn and Wouter Verbraak have had assistance from Alex Thomson Racing's technical team, and the valuable addition of Doyle Sails flying people in from New Zealand to repair HUGO BOSS's sails, most of which need attention due to a manufacturing issue with the material.

Andy was preparing to put the main track back on the mast yesterday. There are a number of other jobs that need doing around the boat; "a lot of little things, which amounts to a lot", as Andy put it this morning in conversation with Andi Robertson at the Barcelona World Race HQ in Barcelona, Spain.

They will also need to take supplies on board - including toothpaste and another razor or two (forgotten initially), as well as enough fuel and food to get them back to Barcelona without a further stop.

It is hoped that HUGO BOSS will be ready to leave the Falklands on Monday morning, 21st March.

Alex Thomson Racing
Barcelona World Race