Sunday, 3 July 2011

Extreme 40 : Artemis Racing Lead After Day 2 in Boston, Act 4

Image copyright Mark Lloyd/Lloyd Images/OC ThirdPole

by Morgan Trubovich

Another 7 races today. They really know how to pack them in! Overall there was less wind than yesterday. Interesting feature today was a lot of “downwind starts”. Unlike most of the racing we have done in our careers (where we have started “upwind” – into the wind), today we did some downwind starts. This really is a challenge as it changes the whole landscape of the start. This is another area where the Extreme Sailing Series is testing us in whole new ways. What will they do tomorrow? No one knows!

Another consistent day for us aboard Artemis Racing with finishes of 2,2,9,1,5,8,3. Emirates Team New Zealand had the best day with finishes of: 1,1,5,5,1,1,7. With these scores we maintain a 7 point lead over The Wave and an 8 point lead over ETNZ.

Lots of racing to go!

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