Friday, 23 May 2014

TP52 Super Series : Coastal Race Cancelled in Capri

Azzurra racing off Capri. Image copyright Nico Martinez/52SuperSeries

by Giuliano Luzzatto

Coastal race cancelled due to lack of wind, the provisional results remain the same with Azzurra at the lead tied on points with Vesper.

The sight of the TP52 and maxi fleet immobile against the backdrop of Capri's Faraglioni was certainly unusual, but Zephyr decided to take the day off today.

The coastal race started in light breezes of about 8 knots, but the fleet stopped in dead air right when they had sailed as far as Capri's justly famous Faraglioni. The regatta committee soon had to call of the racing.

Provisional results remain as they were yesterday with Azzurra and the American team Vesper tied for points at the lead.

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