Sunday, 28 February 2010

Tsunami Threat to New Zealand: Civil Defence Warning

#ChileQuake National Warning:Tsunami Threat to NZ Update 5

00:35HRSNZDT 28 February 2010

The magnitude of the Chile quake has been confirmed as 8.8. A local tsunami has been confirmed with the highest recorded wave measuring 2.2m.

The Ministry of Civil Defence & Emergency Management (MCDEM) and GNS science advisors have been closely monitoring the situation following the above quake to assess any potential tsunami threat to NZ. Based on current information MCDEM has issued a National Warning:Tsunami Threat to NZ. Scientific Advisors confirm a possible marine threat along the east coast of the North Island, South Island and Chatham Islands If a tsunami has been generated, the first wave may arrive in New Zealand in the areas around Chatham Island (Waitangi Side) at approximately 07:05 HRS NZDT 28/02/2010. The first wave may arrive later and may not be the largest .Waves may continue for several hours.Current assessment is for a non destructive tsunami for NZ with wave heights at the shore of between 0.2 and 1 metre.

People in coastal areas should:
1. Stay off beaches
2. Stay out of the water (sea, rivers and estuaries, including boating activities)
3. NOT go sightseeing
4. Share this information with family, neighbours and friends

NZ Civil Defence

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