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The Longtze Student Cup: a first!

... a new student circuit is born - 15 student teams expected for this first series

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by Julie Hedin and Mathieu Saboye

It’s a first! Students from Lyon universities have set up a new regatta circuit dedicated to students : the “ Longtze Student Cup”. Thirteen universities have already signed up, others are about to join. Price, accessibility, performance, an incomparable silhouette : once again, the Longtze Premier allures and attracts so many…Meet on the 13th and 14th of March in Marseilles for the kick-off of this very first “Longtze Student Cup “.

“We were looking for an alternative to the existing student series. We needed something which was financially accessible and relatively simple logistically... The Longtze met these needs perfectly. Its performances, its marine qualities and its newsworthiness immediately captured the attention of the universities, the students and the sponsors “ , notes Louis Grimaud a student of CPE Lyon and co-founder of the Longtze Student Cup.

Immediate Success!

Therefore, in only a few months, the team from LSC Management (the circuit organising body) has succeeded in mobilising not less than thirteen establishments around the Longtze Student Cup : l’Ecole Polytechnique, HEC, l’Ecole Navale, les Mines de Paris, les Mines de Nancy, Centrale Nantes, Centrale Lyon, Centrale Paris, Supelec, Supaéro, EMLyon, CPE Lyon, l’INSA. Other teams from big universities are in the process of finalising their budgets and are preparing to sign up to this very new circuit.

An affordable investment (12 to 15,000 euros per season), a circuit open not only to the student events but also to the world of professional regattas, a sportboat that is easily transported and can adapt to all waters, media support…these are the keys to the immediate success of the longtze Student Cup. “ There was real demand from the universities and the students “ , confirms Simon Chartier, a student from EMLyon, who is also a founder of the project.

Team Nautic. Supplied image.

“We were looking for an innovative and challenging circuit for our sailing project”, explains Yves Le Theis, a student from l’Ecole Polytechnique. “ The idea is to be exposed to the regatting world, to rub shoulders with professional sailors “, notes Baudouin Vuillermet, a student at Centrale Lyon. “ The boat is very exciting ! The team loves it ! And the circuit is really interesting, it’s a great student event ! “ adds Véronique Soulé from Centrale Nantes.

The Longtze Student Cup will roll out over 4 events:

* L'Hydro's Cup : 13 and 14 March, Marseilles
* La Course Croisière Edhec : 17 to 24 April, Brest (where sportboats will be welcomed for the first time)
* Le Grand Prix de l’Ecole Navale : 16 to 20 May, Lanvéoc (an event which also makes up part of the Longtze European Tour 2010)
* La Longtze Student Final : 9 to the 13 June, La Grande Motte

These four big events will be completed by training camps at La Rochelle and La Grande Motte. The first training outing took place last weekend in partnership with the SRRochelaises : «Everyone really enjoyed the Longtze! There is a steep learning curve, but we are all starting at the same level: it is going to be thrilling and the atmosphere is very friendly!» reports Véronique Soulé.

Universities of note, signed up for the long term...

« We are very pleased to have succeeded in reuniting so many universities. It is a serious and longterm pledge for the Longtze Student Cup. From a sporting point of view, the fact that we have the team HEC/Ecole Navale as of this year is another great success story: they are several times winners of the student ‘Tour de France à la Voile’, and represent undeniable sporting prowess. » Louis Grimaud continues.

In addition, most of the universities have signed up for the long term : « the school is very committed and our objective is to renew the programme over several seasons », confirms Véronique Soulé de Centrale Nantes.

A «Cup» made to last

Srengthened by the signing of these heavy hitters, the organisers of the Longtze Cup are looking to a long future : their event is set to last and to become a student circuit of note.

This year, no less than fifteen or so teams will liven up this very first series of the Longtze Student Cup. For 2011, the organisers have tabled a fleet of possibly 25 Longtze Premiers with the signing of notably Spanish, Dutch and Swiss teams.

Lufthansa partners the “Longtze Student Cup”

“Performance, innovation, passion and ecology are essential values of sailing. It is thus quite natural that Lufthansa, who fully embraces these ideals, has invested in this sport”, underlines Claus Becker, Managing director of Lufthansa France & The Benelux countries.

Lufthansa was first involved in the world of sailing in 2009. They were one of the pioneering partners of a new European circuit: the Longtze European Tour.
With Luc Gellusseau (8 world championship titles) heading up the crew, the Longtze “Team Lufthansa” took out this competition brilliantly at the end of a series of events which were full of suspense and passion.

In 2010, Lufthansa continues its « pioneering » involvement in sailing in becoming notably a partner of the “Longtze Student Cup”, a very new student circuit. The objective of this partnership is to introduce the students, Lufthansa’s privileged public, to the assets of the German company, and to make these businessmen of tomorrow aware of its core values.

Kick-off of the first longtze Student Cup, 13th and 14th March in Marseilles in conjunction with the Hydro’s Cup.

Longtze Student Cup

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