Friday, 5 March 2010

Omega Auckland Match Racing: Update #3 on Day 3

Forecast: Southerly 10 knots going to southwest 15 knots later

Adam Minoprio after RR2 Flight 4 (in which he beat Barker on the last leg): "It was exciting for us. We felt we had a good start. Dean got the right... We thought we could cross him at the top, but didn't make it and got a red flag penalty so we had to take our penalty immediately.

"It's very light and shifty so there's lots of passing lanes."

Barker had an over-ride on a winch on the second upwind leg, which helped Minoprio to catch up.

Omega Auckland Match Racing

RR2 Flight 4
Minoprio beat Barker by 1s
Ainslie beat Pacé by 18s
Mirsky beat Holmberg by 5s
Bruni beat Dickson by 42s
Jablonski beat Col by 29s

Points after RR2 Flight 4
Ben Ainslie 11 wins
Karol Jablonski 8
Adam Minoprio 8
Bertrand Pacé 7
Torvar Mirsky 7
Dean Barker 6
Magnus Holmberg 5
Francesco Bruni 5
Sébastien Col 4
Chris Dickson 4

Live Commentary

Try the LIVESPORT link or 103FM in New Zealand for listening to commentary by Peter Lester and Harold Bennett on the racing, from 10am NZDT (10pm CET).

The same LiveSPORT web-radio channel also has occasional updates on the LIVESPORT TELECOM Women's Match Racing from Sara Roberts at the RNZYS.

Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron

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