Thursday, 4 March 2010

Match Racing Score Updates from Auckland

from Sara Roberts, RNZYS

Leaders in the LiveSPORT TELECOM Women's Match Racing

3 wins/0 losses: Nicky Souter (AUS), Katie Pellew (AUS) and Sam Osborne (NZL)

Omega Auckland Match Racing Round Robin 1 final placings

1st Ben Ainslie 7/2
2nd Dean Barker 6/3
3rd Karol Jablonski 5/4
4th Bertrand Pacé 5/4
5th Adam Minoprio 5/4
6th Francesco Bruni 4/5
7th Torvar Mirsky 4/5
8th Chris Dickson 3/6
9th Sébastien Col 3/6
10th Magnus Holmberg 3/6

Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron

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