Saturday, 6 March 2010

Omega Auckland Match Racing: Update #2 on Day 4

Part-way through the pre-start between Barker and Dickson, the second match was called off, due to a massive windshift. Mirsky won the first match comfortably against Jablonksi. The same windshift that affected the pre-start of the Barker v. Dickson match turned the Mirsky v. Jablonski match's first run into a reach. A subsequent change of course rectified the situation to the best of the race committee's ability in the light and variable conditions.

The race committee are re-locating and then a new course will be set up, but winds are still light and variable.

RR2 Flight 7 (First race was held on Friday; race two on Saturday)
Minoprio beat Col by 1s
Mirsky beat Jablonski

Points after RR2 Flight 6 and two races of Flight 7

Ben Ainslie 13 wins
Karol Jablonski 9 (completed Flight 7)
Adam Minoprio 9 (completed Flight 7)
Torvar Mirsky 9 (completed Flight 7)
Bertrand Pacé 8
Dean Barker 8
Magnus Holmberg 6
Francesco Bruni 6
Sébastien Col 5 (completed Flight 7)
Chris Dickson 4

Try the LIVESPORT link or 103FM in New Zealand for listening to commentary by Peter Lester and Harold Bennett on the racing, from 10am NZDT (10pm CET).

The same LiveSPORT web-radio channel also has occasional updates on the LIVESPORT TELECOM Women's Match Racing from Sara Roberts at the RNZYS.

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