Saturday, 6 March 2010

Omega Auckland Match Racing: Update #7 on Day 4

From some mathematical calculations that have produced an interesting result, the semi-finalists have been announced as Ben Ainslie, Dean Barker, Adam Minoprio and Torvar Mirsky.

This was calculated on the basis of a full point when sailors have raced each other in both round robins and a half point for a win when they have only sailed each other once. A four-way tie from this in second place, with Barker, Minoprio, Mirsky and Jablonski resolved to leave Minprio in second place, and Minoprio and Barker tied on the same points above Jablonski, who finishes fifth and misses out on the semis.

Ainslie chose to race Mirksy, so Minoprio and Barker are racing against each other.


Ben Ainslie vs. Torvar Mirsky
Adam Minprio vs. Dean Barker (Stbd)

Try the LIVESPORT link or 103FM in New Zealand for listening to commentary by Peter Lester and Harold Bennett on the racing, from 10am NZDT (10pm CET).

The same LiveSPORT web-radio channel also has occasional updates on the LIVESPORT TELECOM Women's Match Racing from Sara Roberts at the RNZYS.

Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron

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