Saturday, 6 March 2010

Omega Auckland Match Racing: Update #6 on Day 4

Jablonski said: "It's good to be back here again in Auckland. I am very happy to be here, and change winter for summer!

"I knew this event would be tough competition, but we have to get used to racing the best in the world. For sure, for me it has been a long time since I raced in the top match racing band. This is the first time for me when I raced on the actual America's Cup boats. We shall see how we end up.

"I have Rod Dawson on tactics and main to help with the MRXs. He did a great job in Nice. We also sailed together last year in the RC44 in the match race and did really well. We are going to sail on the TP52 as well.

"We are very happy with the result we achieved at the Louis Vuitton Trophy in Nice, but here it is going to be a different game - with more breeze and so on."

Peter Lester: "What was the highlight of the Winter Olympics for you?"

Karol Jablonski: "The cross-country skier who won Gold for Poland, and the ski jumper who won two Silver Medals for Poland. I was trying to follow the ice hockey and was glad that Canada won in the final against the USA.

"We will sail RC44 and TP52 in 2010, and will have Chris Main (NZL) on board for the Synergy TP as well."

Still waiting for the Principal Race Officer to announce the semi-finalists... in addition to Ben Ainslie.

Points after RR2 Flight 7

Ben Ainslie 14 wins
Karol Jablonski 9
Adam Minoprio 9
Torvar Mirsky 9
Bertrand Pacé 8
Dean Barker 8
Magnus Holmberg 7
Francesco Bruni 6
Sébastien Col 5
Chris Dickson 5

Try the LIVESPORT link or 103FM in New Zealand for listening to commentary by Peter Lester and Harold Bennett on the racing, from 10am NZDT (10pm CET).

The same LiveSPORT web-radio channel also has occasional updates on the LIVESPORT TELECOM Women's Match Racing from Sara Roberts at the RNZYS.

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