Friday, 5 March 2010

Omega Auckland Match Racing: Update #2 Day 3

Conditions: About 12 knots from the south; beautiful weather!

Umpires include three from the 33rd America's Cup: Bill Edgerton (GBR), Roger Wood (NZL) and John Standley (AUS) and others from other America's Cups, e.g. Wayne Boberg (NZL) - umpire from the 32nd America's Cup.

Postponement due to lighter conditions and a wind shift after RR2 Flight 3.

Omega Auckland Match Racing

RR2 Flight 3
Dickson beat Col by 14s
Jablonski beat Minoprio by 1m04s
Ainslie beat Barker by 25s
Pacé beat Mirsky by 40s
Holmberg beat Bruni by 46s

Points after RR2 Flight 3
Ben Ainslie 10 wins
Karol Jablonski 7
Adam Minoprio 7
Bertrand Pacé 7
Torvar Mirsky 6
Dean Barker 6
Magnus Holmberg 5
Francesco Bruni 4
Sébastien Col 4
Chris Dickson 4

LIVESPORT TELECOM Women's New Zealand Match Racing Championships

Leaders after 5 flights
Katie Pellew (AUS) 5 wins
Nicky Souter (AUS) 5
Sam Osborne (NZL) 4
Silja Lehtinen (FIN) 4
Stephanie Hazard (NZL) 4

Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron

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