Saturday, 9 October 2010

WMRT: Pandemonium On Day Three in Bermuda

Mirsky leads Williams off the line. Image copyright Subzero Images/WMRT.

by Kinley Fowler

An unbreakable tie brought Bermuda to bedlam today as Ian Williams was forced to pack his bags early as Adam Minoprio and Ben Ainslie came out on top after a series of complicated events took place in the jury room.

The day dragged on when the repechage was completed and the sailors took to the shores - so much so that no racing took place in the afternoon. However the quarterfinals will proceed tomorrow morning.

Quarter Final Pairings:
Jesper Radich VS Reuben Corbett
Eric Monnin VS Taylor Canfield
Torvar Mirsky VS Johnnie Berntsson
Ben Ainslie VS Adam Minoprio

Mirsky Racing Team
World Match Racing Tour