Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Argo Challenge: Karol Jablonski Returns to the DN and Top Form at the Europeans

DN ice yachts. Image copyright ARGO Challenge.

by Lynn Fitzpatrick

Competing on a DN is purely a physical feat - Karol glides along on his back with his head up and scoots along the ice on only three blades. Dealing with a tremendous amount of apparent wind, you are always tacking and making lightning fast decisions because everyone on the course is sailing at least as fast as an AC45 will go..sometimes even twice as fast. Talk about a thrilling ride!

Argo's Karol Jablonski is fighting fatigue and staying upright at 120-140 knots in perfect ice and wind conditions at the DN Europeans. Up to 20 races will be sailed at the event and from the last we heard, Jablonski was off to a winning start with a scoreline of 1,1,3,1,5.

Says Jablonski, "I'm surprising everyone as well as myself. It...'s a nice comeback after 8 years of not participating in the World or European Championships. There is a long way to go in the regatta and I am very pleased so far," Jablonski is the best DN sailor in history with 7 World Championship and 2 European titles and numerous runner-up finishes.

Jablonski joined Argo Challenge last week before heading off for hard water sailing while other America's Cup teams are in New Zealand testing the first AC45, or waiting for it to be repaired so that they can get time on the water in high-speed multihulls.

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