Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Groupama New Caledonia Race: 70 Miles from the Finish

Who will win the race? No certainty at 70 Miles from the finish

Tracked positions of the fleet. Image copyright Groupama Race.

by Florence Dhie

Six boats, with different options, with less than 5 miles difference between them. During the night progressed about 40 miles with an average speed of 5 knts. Since then all slowed down and they are 80 miles (150 km) from the arrival in Nouméa.

ODM.NC is still along the reef trying to catch thermal winds. This morning she was the nearest from the reef and was the only one who exceeded 4 knts speed. Province Nord and Mumm went away from the reef before returning along it this morning.

Off the coast, the Aussies from Nouvelles Calédoniennes and Mange Mieux Bouge plus try with difficulty to move closer to the reef and Lagoon experience for the first time “to be stuck”.

Even the coffee is cold.

Province Nord and no wind. Supplied image.

The whole fleet has few wind and the last 20 hours are exhausting. No major change for the placing as 7 boats have only 9 miles between them.

On board of ODM.NC the crew dreams about beefsteak and French fries ; on the other side the Kiwis dream only about hot drinks and hot meals... As they have no gas since a few days...

At the end of the fleet, Nautile, Trophée des jeunes Marins and les Eaux du Mont Dore Géant Casino sail with a good speed allowing them to shorten the distance from the other boats.

About the weather forecast :

This morning, the wind should be 5 knots from North West near the coast and 5 knots South South East off the coast. End of the morning it should increase to 5-10 knots South West. In the afternoon, the South wind will increase to 10-15 knots South East.
The first arrivals are expected during the night.

Real-time classification at 7 am:
2) Province Nord
3) Team NZ Ramada Plaza
4) Mumm
5) Lagoon
6) Réunion Pacifique Lagoon Voyages
7) Team Australia Les Nouvelles
8) Mange Mieux Bouge plus
9) Optic 2000
10) Nautile
11) Trophée des Jeunes
12) Les Eaux du Mont Dore
NC) Contact Immobilier et Les Huîtres de Dumbéa

Corrected-time classification at 7 am:
1) Réunion Pacifique Lagoon Voyages
2) Mumm
3) Nautile

Groupama New Caledonia Race