Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Groupama New Caledonia Race: Team New Zealand - Ramada Plaza Finish 3rd

Team New Zealand - Ramada Plaza. Image copyright Groupama Race CNC.

by SailRaceWin

About 8pm local time on Wednesday, 22nd September, two boats approached the committee boat finishing the Groupama Race around New Caledonia. Just in front, Team New Zealand - Ramada Plaza, skippered by Jim Maloney, father of some of Auckland's most promising youth sailors, crossed the line as third arrival, leaving the smallest boat in the fleet, Mumm, to come home fourth. Prior to these two boats, first ODN.NC and then Province Nord had crossed the finishing line of the race in first and second places, respectively.

Earlier in the day, Team New Zealand - Ramada Plaza's tactician, Josh Tucker, was interviewed by race officials:
Tactician Josh Tucker interviewed in New Caledonia on the last day of racing

The Kiwi boat had a problem with the stove, so her crew had no hot drinks or food during the race.

On corrected time, Team New Zealand - Ramada Plaza dropped to a predicted fifth overall, while Mumm appears to be second, behind the predicted winners on corrected time, the pre-race favourites, La Réunion Pacifique Lagoon Voyages.

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