Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Groupama New Caledonia Race: The Grand Passage is in Sight

by Florence Dhie-Le Guénédal

In the Groupama New Caledonia Race nine of the boats were crossing between 6.30 and 8am this morning the "Grand Passage".

Last night boats posted overnight average speeds of 10 to 11 knots indicating a strong wind, now close to 25 knots, off the stern quarter.

"Mumm", the smallest boat in the fleet, is holding its lead. It has nevertheless 7H behind Team Australia at the 2008 edition. The record for 3 days 23h 20Mn and 50 seconds could remain undefeated ...

According to Meteo France, the east wind will be sustained, close to 25 knots, across the far north. The wind is expected to weaken on approach to the mainland.

The ranking should continue to move ... Nothing is played. More than ten boats are in a handkerchief ...

Team Australia. Image copyright PatriceMorin.com.

Classification in real time at 06H00 Monday, 20th September 2010, local time

1 Mumm
2 Province Nord
4 Mange mieux Bouge plus
5 Team Australia les Nouvelles
6 Team NZ Ramada Plaza
7 Lagoon
8 Les Huitres de Dumbea
9 Contact Immobilier
10 Optic 2000
11 La Reunion, Pacfique logon Voyages
12 Nautile
13 Trophee des jeunes Marins
14 Les Eaux du mont Dore/Geant Casino

To folow the race live via satellite tags fitted to each boat and know the real time rankings:
* http://www.groupamarace.nc (onglet tracking), or
* http://cnc.navitrac.fr/regate.php?regate=30

Groupama New Caledonia Race